We currently live in a time where the environment is in danger as a result of population growth, corporate greed and war, and although there are various environmental groups doing their part in countering this assault on the environment, it seems that those who could affect the biggest change are slow to act or just in complete denial. In creating this series of images, I am raising awareness of ‘Urban Sprawl’ and how it is often something which is unchallenged but continues to erode natural habitat at an ever-accelerating pace. It is estimated that the world’s human population is to reach 9.8 billion in the year 2050; currently it stands at 7.7 billion so it is fair to assume that ecological problems such as climate change and the loss of natural landscape will only get worse unless our current way of being is challenged and changes are made. 

I’d like to ask viewers of my images to imagine what life would be like in a world dominated by concrete, where nature is a rarity, and opening a conversation on this topic is what I’m striving for. ‘When the last tree has fallen…’ is a series of images which explores the topic of urban sprawl and humanity’s complex and destructive relationship with the natural landscape. 
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